Life Lately

This is my life lately…

Mark is getting a mouth guard so he’s had quite a few dentist appointments in the city lately.

That means week night date night dinners!


Last week we went to Greek Islands.  Doesn’t get much better than saganaki, calamari and gyro!


Our basement has been flooding.  After living a full year in our house the basement decides to surprise us and start flooding all the time.



The window well has been filling up like a fish tank and pouring into the basement.  I guess it’s a good thing we haven’t finished it yet.

Friday night we volunteered at the Meals on Wheels Chef Ball.  I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t have my phone with me (we were volunteering!), but this event was amazing!  There were tons of restaurants with taste portions of some of their signature dishes.  This was a lot of fun and even better we got to do it with our friends!


Saturday morning we woke up and headed to St. Louis for the Hawks and Bears game, gotta love when two Chicago teams are playing in the same city the same weekend!


Saturday night we watched the Hawks game at a bar.


Then Sunday we tailgated



Then went in the watch the Bears Game!


Mark and I both took Monday off, we put away the patio furniture and got the outside of the house ready for winter.  After a quick trip to Home Depot we also THOUGHT we fixed the basement flooding problem… wrong, basement flooded again last night.

I’ll be mopping the concrete floor if you need me.


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