European Vacation Part 2 – Berlin

            Berlin, Germany – My new favorite city in the world!


Have you ever been to Berlin?  No?  Go!

After three full days exploring Munich and partying at Oktoberfest we were ready to move on to Berlin.  We checked into our hotel, got some lunch and set out to see Berlin.

First stop, boat tour.


Just a couple of tourists.  

The next day we toured Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.  Sachsenhausen is about 30 minutes outside of Berlin in Oranienburg, Germany.  This concentration camp was used primarily for political prisoners.


This was one of the most interesting, meaningful and physically and emotionally exhausting tours we took.  Although it wasn’t the most fun part of the trip it was really important to visit and something we’ll never forget.

That night we stumbled upon Berlin’s Oktoberfest celebration.  Oktoberfest in Berlin is just like it is at home, more of a street fest and noting like The Oktoberfest in Munich.


Since we only had a few days in Berlin we decided to take a bike tour of the city.  This tour was really interesting and a lot of fun, we saw places like Brandenburg Gate, the site of the Book burning, Hitler’s Bunker, the Watch Tower, Check Point Charlie




and the Berlin Wall.


I think I drove Mark crazy with all the photos…


That night we went to dinner at Prater Biergarten, Berlin’s oldest Beer Garden.  This was such a unique beer garden with tons of outdoor seating, authentic German food and even a playground for kids.



From the second we got off the plane I fell in love with Berlin.  This city is so unique, friendly and historic.  Berlin, I’ll be back!


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