Life Lately

Life Lately!


Apple picking is one my favorite fall activities.  We went a few weeks ago on a perfect fall day.  We took a tractor ride out to the orchard, picked apples for about half an hour then headed back to pick out a pumpkin, have an apple doughnut and listen to some music.




We had some friends over to watch the Bear game, I made mini apple pies from the apples we picked.


My sister’s future in-laws threw her and her fiancé an engagement party on their farm.  There were fainting goats, horse rides and a hay ride – I haven’t ridden a horse is at least 15 years, it was completely terrifying and a lot of fun!


I went to Orlando for a conference for work.  The hotel I stayed at had a great pool.


Unfortunately I spent way more time at the conference than the pool.


October in Orlando, pool and pumpkins.


Halloween Breakfast, orange pancakes with halloween sprinkles!


That’s my life lately, happy Tuesday!


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