Friday Favorites!


After a few weeks off (to just sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer) I’m back to blogging!  Today I’ll be linking up for Friday Favorites.

  1. Night Golf – A couple of weeks ago Mark and I went night golfing.  Our tee time was for 9:30pm.  We packed up our clubs, threw a few beers in our bags and headed to the golf course.  We had no idea what to expect.


Night golf exceeded our expectations!  We got glow necklaces and glow in the dark balls.  The whole golf course was lined with glow sticks and the flags were replaced with these really cool flashing flags (picture above).

2. Summer – Yard work is under control and the patio furniture has been purchased and built, now its time to enjoy!


I love sitting out in our back yard, coming from the city it’s so so different.  There’s just so much grass and bunnies and squirrels and I love it!  We decided to buy this fir pit lounge set opposed to a typical patio table and chair and I think we made a great decision.  Its so nice to sit outside and read a book or have a glass of wine or have a bonfire and make a s’more!

3. Smoque BBQ – If your in Chicago this is a must try!


They don’t just have amazing food (they give you two different BBQ sauces with your meat!) they are also BYOB!  I tried the Pulled Pork, Coleslaw (without mayonnaise!), cornbread and mac and cheese, it was all so so good!

4. Mini Golf – We had a pretty slow weekend last weekend so we decided to try out the mini golf course in our subdivision.  Mark and I are both very competitive so we decided to place a bet on the game.  I started out strong with a hole in one on the first hole – this really upped the ante.


At the end of 18 holes I ended up losing by two strokes, stupid little houses with tiny doors!

Later that evening we were eating dinner and Mark asked if I wanted to play another round, double or nothing.  Clearly I accepted that challenge.


This time we played a course we pass on the way to the gym everyday.  It was way more intense than our little neighborhood course.  Again, I lost by two strokes.  Yes, we played 36 holes of mini golf last Saturday and yes, I lost both times.

5. Northerly Island – Northerly Island has got to be my favorite concert venue in Chicago.  It’s right on the lake it has amazing views of the city and the water, it just doesn’t get much better than that.


We went and saw Australian Pink Floyd (Mark’s a big Pink Floyd fan).  We bought tickets in the vip section that came with a parking pass.  Transportation was easy, our seats were fantastic and it was a beautiful night.

6. Mark – Yes, my husband is one of my Friday favorites!


Mark has been traveling for work a lot lately.  I miss him so much when he’s gone.  We went on a bike ride the other day and stopped at the park on our way home.  The picture above is a selfie on the jungle-gym.

I just realized we do a lot of adult things, you know like mini golf and playing at the park….


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