Friday Favorites – Fourth of July Version


The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  Nice weather, good food and fireworks!  Below are a few of my favorite Fourth of July items.


American Flag Folding Chair


I bought this bad boy last night!  Mark had seen a (gaudy) American Flag shirt at Bass Pro Shop when we were there picking up a few things for our fishing trip and insisted we go back to buy one for him to wear this weekend – and that’s when I saw this!  Of course I need one of these to sit in while watching fireworks this weekend.


American Flag Tank

2015 Flag Tanks for Baby - Bright White

Since my husband will be dressed for the occasion I decided I needed to be as well.  This $4 tank from Old Navy was the perfect purchase.


Hair Bow


I want!


Paper Straws


Every occasion needs themed straws, these are perfect for the Fourth of July!




I really hope someone makes a cake just like this this weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!


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