Addicted to Netflix


I’m addicted to Netflix.

I can’t go on Netflix and watch just one television episode I always end up watching more (and more and more).  Netflix is made to suck you in, there’s no commercial breaks and it automatically advances to the next episode – it encourages your laziness.  It’s amazing.


Yep, this sums up my addiction


I go on binge watching sprees where I can’t watch anything else until I’ve watched every episode of every season of the show I am currently addicted to.

My current addiction:  Gilmore Girls


Right now I’m two seasons deep into Gilmore Girls.  I haven’t watched this since high school and since it’s been so long I don’t remember it very well which makes re-watching very interesting.


Example (only Gilmore Girls fans will get this):  Luke’s nephew Jess just arrived in town. Rory and Jess have been hanging out.  I remember that they dated but I don’t remember Rory dumping Dean.  WHAT HAPPENS TO DEAN!?  Every episode I’m just waiting for the poor guy to get dumped.  I hate that I can’t remember what happens – must keep watching!

Other Netflix addictions have I had in the past:


I can’t stand Frank and Claire Underwood, they are so so selfish and are completely messing up the US government – yet I keep watch.


Why won’t Fitz just leave Mellie and run off to Vermont to make Jam with Liv already!?


I thought about changing my major to premed for a week –  This addiction got serious.


Whose their mother!?

friday_night_lightsI fell in love with Matt Sarancen, wanted Tami Taylor to be my mom and have always wanted to attend a football game in the fake town of Dillon, Texas.

Now that I’m done writing this post, not back to Gilmore Girls…


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