Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Sunday I had my family over for Father’s Day.  I was originally planning on having a BBQ  outside but it ended up being a pretty hot day so we mainly stayed inside.


7 Layer Greek Dip with Pita Chips



Pesto Pasta Salad

Chicken Wings

Baby Back Ribs

Strawberry Shortcakes

Root Beer Floats


Mark was at his parents house celebrating Father’s Day with his Dad and Grandpa so I was flying solo on this one.  Wow, having  little party like this is a lot of work!  When my sisters offered to bring an appetizer a side and a dessert I wasn’t about to stop them!  Cara brought the Bruschetta and Courtney brought the pasta salad and Strawberry Shortcakes.


I tried decorating with things that reminded me of my dad. I folded the napkins so they looked like neckties.  Each persons place card had a photo of them and my dad at it.



I used the cover of my dads book for the menu tents.


And of course, a bowl of Dad’s favorite candy – tootsie rolls.


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