Show and Tell Tuesday – Yards and Outdoor Spaces

Our Yard

Show and Tell Tuesday – Yards and Outdoor Spaces

I’m tardy 😦  I was planning on linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and showing our (work in progress) yard.  Even though I’m a day late I thought I would go ahead and participate anyways.

This is our first summer in our house so we’ve only just begun the yard work.  We are first tackling our weed problem, clearing out the flowerbeds and fertilizing the lawn.  Long term I’d like a fence and flowers but one day at a time…


This is a photo of our house from the listing when we bought it.  Everything is so nice a green… ahh the power of photoshop.Round one complete!

This is what we stared at all winter…


As soon as early spring hit we got to work.  I wish I had taken before photos.  All of the flowerbeds were completely taken over by weeds.  After that experience I have nightmares about Creeping Charlie.


We pulled weeds, edged all of the flowerbeds, added about 150 bags of mulch, fertilized the lawn and planted grass where it needed it.


We HATE weeds!


The back corner


Ugh, what a mess!


Watering the new grass


New patio furniture.  I need to get a better picture with the cushions on the chairs.


Enjoying all the hard work!


And…. this happened!


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