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Yesterday I mentioned that I talked to my Grams Saturday night and it made me realize how much I missed her.  I have so many special memories of visiting my grandparents when I was little.  Every summer we would each spend a week at my grandparents house.  Being one of four it was nice to finally have some one on one time and with my grandparents living so far away it was great to get some quality time with them as well.  Looking back at it now, I’m sure my parents also enjoyed the break!

This was such a fun getaway for us, my Grams lives in a small town called Robinson.  It is so different from Chicago! They live “in town” at the end of a dead end.  There are woods behind their house and behind that there’s a golf course.  They have a huge yard and there always seems to be a family of deer walking around.

On our special week we would meet my grandparents half way between Chicago and Robinson at a small restaurant for lunch.  Then I’d ride back with Grams and Grandpa.  Our week always started out with a pit stop at the outlet mall where Grams and Grandpa would pretty much buy me a whole new wardrobe.  The rest of the week consisted of eating French Dip,Texas cake and watermelon, dinners at Monical’s and Dairy Queen, playing cards with Grandpa, swimming at the country club, more shopping and a movie in Terre Haute, trips to the library and exploring the woods.  This was always my favorite week of the summer and something I really miss.

Since it was a rainy Sunday I decided to cook some Grams food.  I made chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, pasta salad, homemade ice cream and muffins.


This tri-colored pasta salad always reminds me of my Grams.  No matter how hard I try to make it like hers, hers is always better!


Grams always has a full cookie jar on her counter.  She bought us our cookie jar for one of our showers, such a fitting gift since I always think of her and cookies/her cookie jar.


My grandpa used to always make muffins.  Grams said he used the recipe from the all-bran box.  I couldn’t find all-bran at the store so I tried a different recipe.  These just weren’t the same.  I’ll defiantly have to give it another try!


Last but not least homemade ice cream!  The only time I’ve ever had homemade ice cream was at my grandparents house.  I remember my grandpa making it at the counter in the basement.  Ours didn’t turn out quite the way I remember it.  I’ll have to ask Grams for her recipe for ice cream as well.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my homemade ice cream recipe!


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