Beatles party

DSC_0007I blew up his baby photo – the print was an engineering print from Staples and the frame is a poster frame from Target.

60 & Retired

My father-in-law retired then turned 60 just a few weeks later.  He was more than ready to retire and would not let them do anything for him at work – he never said we couldn’t do anything for him tho!  So Mark and I decided to throw him a surprise birthday/retirement party.  The theme was easy – The Beatles. If you saw his basement you would know why we chose The Beatles, he absolutely loves them!

EVERYTHING followed the theme.  I made the invitations using titles of Beatles songs.

Steve's Beatles Invitation

The front of the house had a couple of decorations.


The sidewalk leading up to the front door was Penny Lane.


I made a street sign and pennies and attached them to yard stakes.  I printed the signs then attached them to foam core.  I bought the yard stakes from the hardware store.

About 6 months before the party I started casually sneaking photo albums from their house.  I would bring the albums home, scan the photos I needed then put everything back.  It’s a good thing I started early because I ended up using a lot of photos!

I used one of those photos on the banner for the front of the house

  DSC_0033 I ordered the banner from oriental trading.


I made a balloon wreath for the front door.  It’s made out of primary color balloons and pipe cleaners.  I added a few Beatles album covers and a photo of Steve.

As guests arrived they were asked to sign the album “guest book” and take a press pass.  I also had John Lennon glasses for people to wear.


Grab a pen and record your attendance!


Your autograph please!


Steve’s Favorite Beatles Tunes – it’s yours to keep

Mark made a playlist of all of his dad’s favorite Beatles songs.  I made a custom label and CD cover for guests to take with them at the end of the night.

DSC_0004I ordered these glasses from Windy City Novelties.

John Lennon Glasses – grab a pair to wear!


I made these press passes for the party guests to wear.

I had them laminated at office depot, punched a hole in the top and attached them to lanyards that had a few Beatles buttons on them.  I ordered the lanyards off amazon and the buttons off Etsy.





I ordered these yellow submarine soaps off Etsy.  I had them in the bathrooms and at the Kitchen sink.  They came individually wrapped so I left a few in the wrappers for people to take home.

All you need is Love and Sweets!

I didn’t get a picture of the banner that said this, but I made a “All you need is Love and Sweets” banner for the dining room where all the desserts were setup.


Helter’s Skittles, Ringo Starbursts, and Twist and Shout Twizzlers


I made yellow submarines with twinkies, skittles, frosting and straws.  They were pretty cute and Marks cousins were so excited when I told them they could eat them!

DSC_0044I used a roll of wrapping paper as a table runner.

I made chocolate chip cookies


Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with little cake toppers in them.

I made four different designs and used them for the cupcake toppers and the silverware stickers.  I used photos and Beatles images.  For the cupcakes I just printed them out on card stock and glued them to mini skewers.  For the silverware/napkin rolls I printed them on stickers.


Of course there was a cake too!

Outside Decorations


I ordered tables and chairs from a local party rental company.


I painted a few white stripes on the bottom side of a black vinyl floor runner that I bought at Home Depot.  The sign was just a print out that I cut and glued to foam core then attached to a yard stake.


Added a border and the Beatles and Party logo to photos for centerpieces.  I used these frames for the table numbers at my wedding.  It was nice to be able to get another use out of them.


I painted the Beatles silhouettes on huge pieces of paper and attached them to the trees in the back yard.


Painted a yellow submarine and hung it above the bar.


All the food matched the theme.



The sun chips were served in bowls I made from old records.  After a few minutes in the oven I was able to reshape the record into a bowl.  Then I glued a copy of the album label I made for the record the guests signed to the bottom of the bowl.

sign - submarine sandwiches

I printed these these little submarines out on card stock, cut them out, glued them to toothpicks and put them in the sandwiches.



We played Beatles music the whole night.

I made a little video to a couple of Beatles songs with photos and home videos of Steve.

Photo Booth

We setup a little photo booth in the dining room.  I printed out some fun props on card stock and glued them to sticks.  The backdrop is fabric that I ordered from ebay.

A few pictures from the photo booth.





The Guest of honor and his friends!


My family came too!


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