Life Lately

Life Lately

Lately life has been pretty good!

We went to Mark’s friends to grill and hang out and this lil guy came by.


Clearly I couldn’t help myself.  Too bad he wouldn’t stand still for the picture.

Mark sent me this the other day.


He thinks he’s so funny!

We’ve been spending alot of time (and money) on the yard so we decided to (act like we won the lottery and) purchase some new patio furniture so we can sit outside and enjoy all our hard work.

Unfortunately the patio furniture needed to be assembled so we’ve been working on that a few hours a night all week.



Mother’s Day

We visited Marks parents last weekend for Mother’s Day.  We spent Friday night at their house.

Saturday morning I had to double up on my Starbucks run because my in-laws don’t drink coffee.

IMG_5801One for now, one for later!

A diamond fell out of my engagement ring so I had to drop it off at the jeweler (insert sobbing face here).

Then Kathy and I went shopping and got pedicures while Mark and his dad went golfing.


I was so happy to take a weekend off from golf!

That night when we got home we tried a Frozen Yogurt place near our house.


Is it obvious that I like the topping more than the yogurt!?

My family always goes to the Sox game for Mother’s Day.  We usually tailgate beforehand but this year it was cold and rainy so we skipped the tailgate.


Our tickets were in the outfield.


My parents were behind first base.


We tried out the new Miller Extra Base bar.


Mark loved it because he was able to watch the Bulls and the Sox at the same time.


A selfie on the way home.


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