Yard Work


The new four letter word in my house, weed.  There are just so many of them!

A few weeks ago Mark and I started a project that has since gotten completely out of hand, yard work.

We headed to our least favorite store.


And picked up what we thought was everything we needed for this project.


HA! We are such newbies!!! 4 bags of mulch and 4 bags of dirt!!! What were we thinking!


So far we have bought over 100 bags of mulch and we’re not even done yet!

We cleaned out the flower beds pulling out millions of weeds.

Creeping Charlie is my enemy!


Once we got the flower beds cleaned out we realized nothing was edged correctly.  So we began digging/edging followed by mulching.


Yes, that’s a snow shovel.  I have this fantastic technique where I use the snow shovel as a dust pan for my rake.  It works great!


I dug this giant paver up!  It was buried about 6 inches underground.



There’s my tired husband.



It’s starting to come together.

We just need to get the weed problem under control.

We have horrible crab grass.  We’ve bought 3 ($75!) bags of weed and feed so far and done three separate treatments.  We’ve also bought weed killer that supposed to kill the weeds and not hurt the grass.


It’s bad!

Sometimes we get a little out of control and start picking each weed by hand…


We put down some dirt and grass seed in a couple of spots in the yard that we had to dig up (buried stepping stones to nothing).  I was doing dishes and looked out the window and saw this…

IMG_6634 (2)Mark doing yard work in his work clothes.

If you need us, we’ll be in the yard.


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