Life lately

Lately life hasn’t been too bad!

Last Friday was a pretty slow day at work so I decided to leave a little early.


It was so nice out I thought I would try the water taxi.


It was so fun!  I got on at the stop between the Wrigley Building and Trump Tower.  Then got off just a few blocks away from Union Station.  So much better than the bus!


My Birthday was Sunday so a couple of my friends came over for a sleepover Friday night.

They brought decorations.


And Cupcakes.


Rad got me these awesome Lilly Mermaid wine glasses!


Saturday we worked on the yard.


Then we watched the Bulls game and went out to dinner.

We went to a cute little Italian restaurant in Downtown Downers Grove.

The food was fantastic!


If you cant tell, I love seafood… and carbs and fried food.  And since it was my birthday I ordered what I wanted!


Mark decided to hang our Bulls flag to celebrate the win.


And just like that flagpole just made it to the top of the shopping list. 

Sunday was Lilly Day!

We had an 8:45 tee time.  Target opened at 8am, just enough time to get a QUICK shopping trip in before golf.

I knew it would sellout fast so we got there before the store opened.


So happy we went when we did.  It was an absolute mad house!

By the time I was checking out (no more than 15 minutes after the store opened) everything was sold out and the Target employees were taking down the Lilly display.

I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful!

Thank you Mark for all the birthday presents!


Then we headed to the Golf Course.


Mark plays like a professional.


I end up in the sand.


After golf we went to my parents house for family dinner.

I wore my new Lilly Headband.



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