Weekend Wrapup


Great start to the weekend with this beautiful sunset Friday night!


Stopped at the Library to return a few books and pick up some new ones.


I feel like I’ve read every book in the library.  I ended up getting Judy Blume’s Smart Women.  I just love Judy Blume.  Unfortunately, I think this is the last of her books that I haven’t read, I’ll have to start rereading…


Mark got a couple new button downs, he’s been all about his clothes lately.

I have been searching for artwork for our bare walls.  This has been really stressing me out lately.  I only have pictures up in the hallway, everywhere else is completely bare.  Needless to say, I’m in need of some artwork.


When I came across this guy I immediately grabbed it and put it in my cart (things get pretty aggressive at Home Goods on the weekends).  The gray and yellow match my living room perfectly and at $60 you can’t complain about the price!  I had seen a similar print on canvas last week but really wanted something framed.  I was so excited about this find!


I went straight home and had Mark help me hang it up.


Saturday night we went out for dinner (and lots of drinks too) to watch the March Madness games.


I’m usually completely against cell phones at the table but since our brackets were on our phones they were out Saturday night!


We continued with basketball and beers when we got home.


After all those beers Saturday night, this is what Sunday morning looked like.


I headed to Ikea to continue the search for home accents.


No luck 😦


Got home and had my favorite lunch!


Spent our Sunday night watching Maryland throw away all hopes for my bracket.


I’m currently in 23rd place…


A few weeks ago I decided I needed a day off and randomly chose to take yesterday off.  This turned out to be a great decision, it was so nice to stay inside during the spring snow storm!


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