The Emergency Electrician

Light fixture hell!


The end result – it was not easy getting here!

Right when we moved in I realized the chandelier in the dining area was going to be a problem. If we put the table directly under the light fixture the walkway to the kitchen would be obstructed but we couldn’t move the table over because the chandelier hangs too low and people kept hitting their head on it.


It just didn’t work

After a few weeks of pushing the table back and forth, trying to come up with a solution we decided to just replace the light fixture. I remember my dad replacing quite a few light fixtures and ceiling fans growing up so I figured this was something Mark and I could handle without a problem.

So wrong!


It was always in the way!

After a quick trip to our (least) favorite store we were ready to replace the hanging chandelier with ceiling light.

I shut the power to the dining room off, Mark took down the old light fixture and things were moving right along…

It took us a while to get the new fixture up.  We ran into a couple of issues with the wiring – the old light fixture only had to wires coming from it and the new one needed three.  Once we got that past that hurtle we had some trouble getting the actual fixture mounted.  After a couple more trips to the hardware store and visiting the friendly people at True Value hardware we got the right mount and got the light up!

I ran down to the basement, flipped the circuit and on the light went!  We were so proud of ourselves!  It only took us the whole day but we replaced the light fixture on our own!  Now time to make dinner.

This is when we discovered our mistake…

The whole kitchen was completely dead.  Yep, dining room light installed, on and working and no power what so ever in the kitchen.  We also ended up discovering that the new light we just put up wouldn’t turn off (even when the switch is in the down/off position).


Why won’t it turn off!?

One expensive Saturday night visit from the emergency electrician later and the light was fixed and the kitchen was back up and running.

So this is what happened…

Remember when I mentioned there being two wires connected to the previous light fixture and the new one needing three?  Well there were about five wires capped off together and shoved up in the ceiling, we decided to pull one from there.  Apparently that was not the best idea.  We had disconnected the kitchen.  This had actually turned out to be a good thing because we crossed two wires that shouldn’t have been and if the kitchen was connected there would have been “lots of sparks” according to the electrician.

We earned our lesson the hard way, no more messing with electricity.


Now we can have the table off to the side without crashing into the chandelier!


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