Hallway Photo Project

The only sport in my house that has something hanging on the walls…

The Hallway


I purchased 9 12×12 square frames that were matted to 8×8.  These frames were about $20 a piece at Michaels.  I really like the square frames for this project.  They had all different sizes and brands, I purchased the Studio Decor Square Portrait Collection.

I chose a variety of Wedding photos from close up detail photos to pictures of Mark and I.

Top row: our rings and ceremony program, our first kiss

Second row: holding hands with our wedding party in the background, cake cutting

Bottom row: Mark and I, football player climbing out of our cake

I also included a few photos of our old apartment that meant a lot to us.

Top row: view from our apartment

Second row: Gargoyle that was on the outside of our building and just out our window

Bottom row: the doors to both apartment we lived in – Northeast and Northwest

I printed the photos myself and enlisted Mark to help hang them.



I was really happy with the way it turned out.


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