The joys of being a homeowner…

The Garage Door

Let me set the stage: It’s our first full day in our new house, everything is all moved in and we are completely out of our apartment. The locksmith had just left from changing all the locks on the house and we decide to reset the garage door code. This is where everything went wrong…


I am standing inside the garage while Mark closes it from the outside key pad (to make sure we reprogrammed it correctly) when I notice the whole track is loose and about to snap. We send a video to a local garage door repair service (thank God for google!) and someone comes out immediately – $150 later problem solved.

With that issue behind us I decide to go take a shower while Mark mows the lawn (for the first time, with our new lawnmower!). Just minutes into my shower I am greeted with a knock at the door, Mark wants me to come out to the garage immediately. The shower in the master bedroom is leaking into the garage. Yep, first shower in the new house and we find a leak, UGHHHHHHH!IMG_4373[1]

See the little stream coming from the yellow wall at the top of the pic…

So I did what anyone else in my situation would do, I called my mom. She just so happened to have the name of a plumber who had just spent some quality time at her house the week before. After a couple rounds of phone tag we made an appointment for the following Saturday and were instructed to use the other shower in the meantime.


Master bath

The plumber was the nicest guy in the world; he came out on a Saturday morning, told us exactly how to fix the leak and didn’t charge us. He even told us to call him anytime we needed advice on the house!

Now this is where the real fun begins…


The Plumber advised us to wait another week before fixing the leak; he said it would be smart to let the area dry completely before sealing it. So the following week we were back at good ol’ Home Depot to purchase the DAP Kwik Seal that we were told would solve the problem. Long story short, it didn’t!


After multiple trips to Home Depot, numerous attempts to fix the leak and weeks of not using the shower we finally stopped at the local True Value Hardware store where the kind man sold us exactly what we needed. Completely discouraged we headed home to for our 5th attempt at fixing the shower leak.


Guess what – it worked!!! All we needed was a little plumbers putty around the drain. Apparently there was a gap between the shower floor and the pipe that was causing the leak.

Plumbing problem solved and it feels so good!!!


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