I’ll see you at the Movies”

Tuesday is officially movie night!

clipart - family movie billboard - 500

We discovered $4 Movie Tuesdays! And it just across the parking lot from the gym! Life can’t get much better.

That’s right; the movie theatre near our house is only $4 on Tuesday nights. So far we have been to see The Gambler, American Sniper, Wild and 50 Shades of Grey.

Claire’s Movie Reviews

The Gambler was awful.  Don’t go see it, we should have gotten up and walked out.  Thank goodness tickets were only $4.00!

American Sniper was fantastic, defiantly worth seeing.  Go see American Sniper!

I had read both Wild and 50 Shades of Grey and it’s not always fair to review the movie if you’ve read the book because the majority of the time the book is always better!  That said..

Wild was fantastic.  A lot was left out but overall I liked it.  Mark liked it a lot, I believe he even went home and downloaded the soundtrack.

50 Shades of Grey was just what I expected.  Personally I liked the book, it was a fun quick read and written so you could easily skip over the sex scenes if that’s not your thing.  One thing that I had completely forgotten about was the ending.  I had read all the books in a row so I had forgotten that it ended abruptly like that.  Looks like they were just setting themselves up for part two.

Let the movie journey begin!


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