Valentine’s Day

The best holiday of the year!

How could you not just lOvE Valentine’s Day!? It’s all about pink and red and hearts and love, it just can’t get much better than that!

IMG_4870[1] IMG_4877[1]

This holiday calls for heart shaped sugar cookies.

I love to bake, especially with cookie cutters!

IMG_4883 IMG_4912[1]


Target has some great Valentine’s Day decorations.  It was so fun to decorate the house!

IMG_4954[1] IMG_4952[1]

Of course I spread the love on the light wall at work.


Growing up my mom always decorated and got us candy and little gifts.  We’ve always had homemade heart shaped pizza and just had a quiet, relaxing Valentine’s Day.  Mark and I have continued that tradition.  When we lived in the city we always ordered heart shaped pizza from Baccino’s.  This year I bought us our own heart shaped pan and we plan on making the pizza at home.

However you choose to celebrate, happy Valentine’s Day!


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