So. Much. Snow.

The best housewarming present we received was this lil guy.


Mark’s parents had gotten a snow blower as a housewarming present when they bought their first house so they decided to do the same for us. I never realized how great of a gift this was till we needed it. We have the world’s longest driveway! You don’t think about it when you are buying a house but wow, that’s a lot of snow to shovel!

Round one complete!9:00am – after first round of snow blowing

The neighbors1:30pm – the second time out – The neighbors know how to get the job done!

Then we made the slow, dangerous trip to the city to hang out at a friend’s apartment for a few hours. This is what we came home to…


It was almost impossible to get up the driveway.


This time I let Mark do all the work.

It was 11pm on a Sunday night and Mark was out snow blowing the driveway for the third time that day, wow has our lives changed!

He ended up having to shovel one more time before work the next morning. Most of the Chicago-land area had a snow day, we did not.

They didn't plow our street!

Good thing we have an SUV because cul-de-sac’s are the last streets to get plowed!  We only got stuck twice trying to get off our street onto the plowed streets.

Let’s hope we don’t get anymore snow this winter.  But if we do, we’re prepared!


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