My parents know how to party!

Casino Party


Last night we went to a Casino Party at my parents house.  My mom went all out!  We were greeted at the door with a delicious Whiskey Sour that was in a cute little playing card cup with a black chevron straw (I am all about the cute straws!).  Everyone was told to remember their card (mine was a 6 of spades) then randomly throughout the night there were drawings and if your card was picked you won a scratch off lottery ticket!

The house was completely decked out! There were casino themed decorations up everywhere, a Roulette Table in the family room, Left Right Center in the dining room and a Black Jack Table in the living room.

          IMG_5994          IMG_5977

            They had a Black Jack dealer come!      LRC got intense, playing for real money!

           IMG_5982          IMG_5979

This was my first time playing Roulette!                  Loved the center pieces!       

My mom had asked my sisters and I to bring desserts.  I made casino themed cake pops, the dice pops turned out great!


The dots are a little sloppy – it was late by the time I got to that step of the cake pop making process

I wish I had gotten a picture of the trophies, my mom glued all sorts of playing cards and dice to our old trophies, they were amazing!  My father-in-law had the most money (in poker chips) at the end of the night so as the winner (even though he should have been out of the running since he just got back from two weeks in Vegas), he went home with an old gymnastics trophy completely decked out and disguised as a first prize Casino trophy – he was planning on taking it home and displaying it behind his bar in his basement.  The loser (ran out of money first) went home with an old soccer trophy of someone falling on their head, perfect losers trophy!

There were tons of raffle prizes.  My mom put together all sorts of gift bags with wine, champagne, chocolates, coffee, lottery tickets and more.


Raffle prizes!

My mom never lets anyone go home empty handed; everyone went home with a bag of two bakery doughnuts , doesn’t get much better than that!


Such a fun party!

Engagement Party

Last nights Casino Party reminded me of our Engagement Party my parents threw us.

Shortly after Mark and I got engaged my parents threw us an engagement party to celebrate.  The party was in the fall and tailgate themed.  My mom went all out, everyone was greeted at the door with a signature drink in a mason jar.  The the house was decorated for a tailgate, the tables were set with stadium blankets and the menu consisted of Mark’s fall favorite, pulled pork sandwiches!


So happy and engaged!

My mom surprised me with an outfit for the party a few weeks before.  No one had ever done anything like that for me, I was so excited to wear my new sweater, scarf, earrings and flats!


Wedding party pennants, so cute and so thoughtful!

My mom did everything for the party but she did let me design the invitations!

engagement party invite

Our wedding colors were pink, so I had to add a pop of pink to the football!


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