Closing time!

The closing – cleaning, painting and multiple trips to Home Depot

Once we were through with the closing (not much to report on the closing except that I signed my name wrong and no one noticed till about half way through so I ended up having to resign about 3,000 documents – Going by your middle name your whole life then getting married and changing your last name makes something as simple as signing your name a million times over so much more complicated!) we stopped at Panera for some lunch then headed to check out the new house.

We got the keys!

Mark unlocking the door for the 1st time!

The plan was to spend the weekend cleaning and painting. I didn’t want any sign of the previous owners, this is our new house and I wanted it to feel just that way, new! The previous owners had pets; I didn’t want any sign of someone else’s dirt let alone their pet dander. My dad so graciously offered to shampoo the carpets and I thank God for that! He ended up vacuuming then shampooing each room twice then vacuuming again. While the carpets were being cleaned I scrubbed down the kitchen and bathrooms while Mark and his dad tackled the outside. It looked like the lawn hadn’t been mowed in weeks (we got to use our new lawn mower for the first time – coming from 4 years in the city this was VERY exciting!) and the garage needed some TLC (there was insulation falling out of the walls and a tone of stuff left behind from the previous owners). Once Mark was done mowing the lawn we realized we needed a hose to spray down the patio (1st trip to home depot).

Dirty Carpet :(

After two shampoos!

After we cleaned, we painted. We found extra paint in the basement so we decided to just patch and paint the rooms that didn’t need to be repainted then headed to Home Depot (2nd trip to Home Depot) for paint samples and supplies. Got home and put paint samples on wall, chose color, back to Home Depot to purchase paint (3rd trip to Home Depot). We ended up touching up the trim and baseboards, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in the living room and painting the dining room a pretty shade of green.

Paint sample            Work in pregress

All those art classes in college really paid off!


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