Are we really buying a house!?

Offer accepted!

So much to do!

Once our offer had been accepted and the contract was signed we were on the clock!

We immediately had to get the contract to our lawyer and mortgage company so they could get things started on their end. We had 5 business days to get a home inspection and radon test done (there is a 48 hour turn around on the radon test), needed to get a clue report from our insurance agent, needed to get an insurance agent and needed to arrange for an appraisal on the house. After about a zillion emails and phone calls it finally started to feel like everything was falling into place.

Home inspection…

Home Inspection

The morning of the home inspection I dropped Mark off at work (that commute was HORRIBLE, 90 is pretty much a parking lot at 7am – I have no idea how Mark did that every day!) then headed out to the burbs to meet Mary and the inspector at the house. I was really anxious for this. This was really my first time getting a good look at the house, and what if the home inspector finds something horribly wrong with the house – we would have to call the whole thing off!?

The inspection was pretty uneventful. Mary and I just kind of hung out while the inspector walked around with a ladder and a clipboard turning light switches on and off, testing outlets and running the appliances. I took this opportunity to check out the kitchen cabinets, look in drawers and closets and send Mark tons of pictures!

The inspector pointed out a couple of issues, taught me a little about the house (like where the main water and gas lines were, pointed out the electrical panel and taught me how to change a furnace filter – I was so excited to tell Mark about all of this!) got the radon test setup and headed out.

Check home inspection off the list!

*While I was taking care of all of the new house business Mark was in charge of the apartment. He cleaned, took pictures, posted ads, dealt with our landlord and took tons of people on tours. Of course we both helped each other out but dividing the responsibilities helped keep things nice and organized.


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