We found the one!

Planes (oops!) I mean buses, trains and automobiles…

My new commute

After spending a lot of time exploring different suburbs, researching school districts, touring many (MAJOR understatement) homes and constantly checking new listings on the MLS we finally found “the one!”

The day the house was listed Mary gave us a call and said we needed to come out and see it right away. I left work early, practiced what would become my new commute (bus to Union Station, train to Downers Grove, Mark’s shuttle service from the train station home), and met Mary at the house for a quick showing. After one hurried (there was another couple with their realtor waiting outside to take a look themselves) walk through the house we knew it was just what we were waiting for and we absolutely wanted to put an offer in!

For anyone who is getting ready to buy a house in a neighborhood they are unfamiliar with or any first time home buyers in Illinois, I would recommend visiting http://www.illinoisreportcard.com/ it has great information on all of the public schools in the area and was a fantastic resource for us when it came to choosing the right neighborhood for us.  

Also, it is really important to check out the town’s website or call the village office.  They can give you an idea of what your utility bills would be if you are interested in a certain property.  


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