First comes love then comes marriage then comes… a house in the suburbs

First comes love then comes marriage then comes… a house in the suburbs

Let's buy a house!

The decision to make the move out of the city was not an easy one. When we first started thinking about giving up our overpriced, teeny tiny, penthouse, loft apartment in Lincoln Park

photo 2-2 photo 2-3

Look at that view, so pretty!

Penthouse Love

and our deck!!

and buy a home we knew this move would land us in the suburbs; we just had no idea which one or if we were even ready to leave our beloved city.

After months of saving (staying in, eating mac n cheese and drinking cheap Trader Joe’s wine) and looking forward to our future new home we were finally ready to get the show on the road. With our preapproval letter in hand we set out with our realtor to begin the search for our very first house.

After our first trip out and only walking through a handful of houses, all three of us (my husband Mark, myself and our fabulous realtor Mary) had a better understanding of what we wanted, and what we didn’t want anywhere near, our first home.


Updated kitchen, Wood floors, Master bath


Koi fish pond, private road (that we would be responsible for plowing and maintaining), refrigerator in the dining room, cracks that run all the way through the living room, expressways through the back yard, a house on a flood plain, wood paneling, shag carpet and houses without garages.

This is going to be a long journey…


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